Wolves Lane: Salad in Schools!

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As part of a joint initiative between Wolves Lane Centre and the Schools Catering Service, Wolves Lane have this week begun a pilot scheme, supplying salad crops to some of the school dining halls in Haringey.

Due to its proximity to the Centre, Earlham School seemed an ideal choice for the pilot. Having tasted the tomatoes on a visit to the Centre last week, Marianna Clune-Georgiou, Catering Services Manager of the school, said of the salad and cherry tomatoes, “I can assure you they taste delicious!”

tomatoes_28MAY15Pupils visiting the Education Centre at Wolves Lane in the coming weeks will have the opportunity to see their tomatoes ripening on the plants before they arrive on their dinner plates.

Stuart Hopking, Wolves Lane Centre Manager, said, “We wanted to be able to build on the strong links we already have in the community and to be able to supply locally grown, pesticide and fungicide-free produce in a way that has no negative impact in terms of delivery-miles into the schools that already use our centre for educational purposes. It seemed a natural route of progression.”

courgettes_28MAY15Wolves Lane are also supplying a selection of sweet peppers and courgettes, in addition to their tomatoes, which are available to purchase over the counter at the Centre.

Open to the public 7 days a week from 9am-5pm (10am-4pm Sundays).



About Friends of Wolves Lane

The Friends of Wolves Lane group exists to support this valuable community service and gardening resource.

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