Featured Animal Friend at Wolves Lane: our Lionhead Rabbit


A message from”Piggy”, our white lion-head rabbit:

Hello, I’m a white rescue rabbit called Piggy – I’m called Piggy because I have a smudge on my nose that makes me look like a piglet! I’m very happy in my new home at Wolves Lane Garden Centre.

My best friends are the ‘Gwinns’ – two white guinea pigs that I met when I came here. We share a big hutch in the barn which keeps us safe from foxes and warm at night and in the day we go outside to eat lots of grass.

Rabbits are supposed to eat a range of food including hard food that helps to wear down their teeth that never stop growing. I am not that keen on hard food so my teeth did keep on growing and this made it very uncomfortable for me to eat so the Vet removed my front teeth and now I can eat all the soft food that I like.

We love to have visitors and hope that you will come visit us soon at Wolves Lane Garden Centre!

We’re at the back – just walk through the greenhouse by reception, out the back and we are near the chicken coop and the barn. There are signs to show the way.

Or just ask Reception to point you in the right direction!


About friendsofwolveslanecentre

The Friends of Wolves Lane Centre exists to support this valuable community services and gardening resource.

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