Featured Animal Friend at Wolves Lane: the Gwinns!

Gwinn 1

Hi, I’m one of the two resident guinea pigs at Wolves Lane Garden Centre – we’re known as The Gwinns!

There are two of us and we look very similar but really we are very different. I’m very noisy and like to talk all the time but my brother is really quiet. Can you tell which one I am?

My brother and I share a big hutch in the barn with our best friend, Piggy, the lionhead rabbit. The barn keeps us safe from foxes and warm at night and in the day we go outside to eat lots of grass.

We love to have visitors and hope that you will come visit us soon at Wolves Lane Garden Centre!

We’re at the back – just walk through the greenhouse by reception, out the back and we are near the chicken coop and the barn. There are signs to show the way.

Or just ask Reception to point you in the right direction!

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