1300 signatures to go – sign Wolves Lane Petition today!


Wolves Lane Garden Centre Petition has received over 900 signatures in just a few weeks!

BUT we still need 1300 more signatures in order to have a voice with Haringey Council.

Please repost, retweet, share this post with your friends!

Supporters have been signing the online petition as well as showing their  encouragement by signing the paper petitions too. Thank you to everyone who has signed to make sure that this valuable community resource stays open!

Please sign the petition to save Wolves Lane Garden Centre today!

We need 2,200 signatures total to have a voice. You must live, work or study in Haringey in order to sign this petition.

Your centre is at risk and threatened by Council budget cuts. We need to act now to save this valuable resource. Once your garden centre is lost, we cannot get it back.

We, the undersigned, petition the council:

We strongly support the Activities at the Wolves Lane Garden Centre at Wolves Lane N22 5JD and oppose any attempt to close it or move its functions elsewhere.

  1. The Centre is unique – a 3.5 acre site run by the London Borough of Haringey that features a Palm House, desert garden and rainforest.
  2. These features cannot be relocated or replaced. This resource would be permanently lost.
  3. The Palm House is the only one of its kind in North London.
  4. The Centre offers excellent opportunities for:
    • training and volunteering in gardening for:
      • those with physical and/or learning difficulties,
      • work experience for local schools and
      • the unemployed
    • education: environmental education for 2,500 local school children a year & family learning in English as a second language
    • growing: plants and vegetables for the public and council’s parks and flower beds
    • services and activities: a variety for the local community

Please sign the petition to save Wolves Lane Garden Centre today!


About Friends of Wolves Lane

The Friends of Wolves Lane group exists to support this valuable community service and gardening resource.

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