Community Use – Make a Proposal!

Please write with your ideas, suggestion, proposals for the future!

What activities would you like to see at Wolves Lane?

  1. Would you like to organise and lead a community activity at Wolves Lane?
  2. The community activities below have already been proposed – which ones interest you?

OrganicLea’s Vision for Wolves Lane: An initiative that grows and distributes sustainably produced food to local residents and businesses; engages a wide range of people in learning and skills activities, and health and well-being benefits; establishes itself as a centre for promoting healthy eating; and offers space for community groups and social enterprises to run activities that benefit the community.

Activities Proposed

  • Outdoor Gardening Club to encourage outdoor growing, including foraging and exploration of heritage vegetables
  • Kitchen Gardeners – indoor gardening club to encourage balcony and kitchen gardens
  • Wildlife exploration
  • Bird Watching Club
  • Fish Club
  • “I remember Haringey” – a collective memoir writing group to document residents’ memories in Haringey
  • Book Club
  • Writers Circle
  • Yoga
  • Walking Club
  • Photography
  • Art Classes
  • “Learn how to make simple repairs to household goods” surgery
  • Local History Events
  • Public Speaking Club
  • Wine Tastings
  • Environmental education programme for people of all ages
  • Secondary schools gardening programme for young adults from 16 to 24 years of age
  • Self-led school groups ‘hiring’ areas of the glasshouses to grow flowers and vegetables which can either be cooked in their own school kitchens or used in the café
  • Family Learning education programme
  • volunteering programme, aimed at people with learning disabilities, to provide them with gardening opportunities and education to create their own successful garden spaces or enjoy working with others
  • Local farmers market at weekends

What other activities would you like to see at Wolves Lane?

Please write with your ideas, suggestion, proposals for the future!


About Friends of Wolves Lane

The Friends of Wolves Lane group exists to support this valuable community service and gardening resource.

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