Did you write Your Councillor Candidates? Elections are MAY 3RD!!

Get your voice heard for Wolves Lane  –

write your Candidates for Haringay Councillors!

1) Find the CANDIDATES for COUNCILLORS in your area here:  candidates.democracyclub.org.uk 

Just scroll down until you find the box to enter your post code and hit “enter” – you’ll see all the candidates to email in your area.

2) Here’s a SAMPLE LETTER TEMPLATE to use – adapt as you need or just copy it – AND SEND TO ALL THE CANDIDATES YOU FIND ABOVE!

Subject of your email:

Voter Question – Do you support the reopening of Wolves Lane Metropolitan open Space?

Body of your email:

Dear__________, Candidate for Councillor,

Do you support Wolves Lane Metropolitan open Space?

That’s who my vote will go to in this upcoming election.

The future of Wolves Lane Centre Metropolitan Open Space, London N22 5JD, (also known as Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre), is critical for Haringey’s population. It was closed in April 2017, and despite promises by the new tenants to keep it open, it is still closed to the community that it is meant to serve.

Wolves Lane was previously run by Haringey Council and was open to the public 7 days a week as a garden centre and community space, including its Palm House, Desert Garden and Rain Forest until March 2017.

It provided environmental education to thousands of local school children and gardening experience for teenagers and adults with learning disabilities, as well as literacy courses for local parents. Since April 2017, when the Council handed it over to the current tenant, it has been closed to the public for regular visits.

Through the Winter there has been devastating damage to the tender plants and trees in the houses at the Centre , because the tenant did not restore the heating or repair broken glass . The houses are virtually unrecognisable !

With pressure from the local MP and Councillors, the Council has stepped in to repair the glazing, but far more work needs to be done to restore it as a valuable Community asset.

You can see what it looks like now – and what it used to look like – here: wolveslane.com/palm-house/

The community and The Friends of Wolves Lane are concerned about the future of Wolves Lane Metropolitan Open Space and want to ensure that it is accessible to and enjoyed by the community it should serve.

The current Woodside Ward Councillors have been very involved with the Friends and have regularly attended their monthly meetings. The Friends need to urgently discuss how the Centre should be managed going forwards with the incoming Councillors.

Wolves Lane Centre Metropolitan Open Space, N22 5JD, one of the most important Community resources in your Ward, needs your help.

Do you support the reopening of Wolves Lane Metropolitan open Space?

That’s who my vote will go to in this upcoming election.

I look forward to your reply.



Resident in post code:______________



Thank you for your support in the

Campaign to Save Wolves Lane.

Your help is greatly needed and much appreciated.



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