Update from the Palm House Crew – Solar Campaign news!


The Palm House Crew site volunteers have worked hard in the Palm House this summer to repair the damage done by having no heating on site last winter.

They wanted to contribute towards the cost of gas heating in the Palm House and so decided to take part in the Mayor of London’s crowdfunding scheme that supports community groups bringing space back into public use. 

The Palm House Crew are also keen for the site to be powered by renewable electricity.

Campaign Progress Update

Friends, site users and locals have generously pledged nearly £4,000 so far. Together with £7,500 pledged from the Mayor we are doing well, but still need more pledges to be sure of getting the all the promised money.

Many Ways to Support

If people do not want to set up a direct debit pledge, there are many other ways to donate. Please details below and/or…

please e-mail pjharling@hotmail.com for further details.

— Pamela


Many ways to donate

Bank transfer

Can people donate to the solar power appeal without using a debit card on Spacehive? YES!

An alternative which is just like giving to any other good cause has been set up.Although Ubele is the chosen member of the Wolves Lane consortium to handle the crowdfund funds, to ease their admin load we have set up a conventional donation arrangement via a trusted intermediary, the community gardeners’ group Growing in Haringey. Pamela Harling is its treasurer.

  1. Just send your money to the Growing in Haringey bank account which is: ‘Growing in Haringey’ , Sort code 08-92-99, Account number 65409413.
  2. Please label your transfer – on the payin slip or its online equivalent – as <yourname> CROWDF.
  3. Then send an e-mail to Pamela at pjharling@hotmail.com saying ‘I have paid £x into the GIH account for the crowdfund’.

Cheques are also welcome – please write your phone number and/or e-mail on the back and give them to Pamela, Islay, Anne or Loretta when you see us on site.

Debit Card – donate at spacehive.com/wolveslanepalmhouse !!!

*** Many thanks for your support! ***





The Ubele team and the Palm House Crew say:

  • ” Our plan is to provide:-
  • * Solar electricity to heat the Wolves Lane Palm House, to preserve a much loved public amenity with hothouse plants, koi carp and terrapins for local families to visit and for schools to have nature study lessons
  • * Sustainable heating for the café, an educational and community meeting space
  • * Insulation and innovative heat retention measures like compost ‘hot boxes’ to minimise need for artificial heat
  • * Spare power to sell to the grid to fund other activities on site The Wolves Lane site:-
  • * Grows organic food, for sale and free for homeless people’s projects
  • * Houses an organic box scheme
  • * Trains volunteers in horticulture
  • * Runs school visits to study plants and food growing
  • * Provides an event space for community groups
  • * Is open to the public on Sundays with sales of plants, food produced on site, cooked food stalls and bike repair service

What we’ll deliver:

  • Use renewable energy to heat the Palm House and cafe
  • Restore an educational and social space for the local community  “

… please visit spacehive.com/wolveslanepalmhouse  and help make your community garden centre stronger, more sustainable, and better able to serve Haringey!

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