Volunteers needed – Nov 13 & 14 – for a Palm House fleece-wrapping party!


in the


Tuesday, November 13th


Wednesday, November 14th

10am ~ 3.30pm

Volunteers needed!

Winter is upon us and in order to prevent damage to the beautiful plants and trees in the  Palmhouse, the Palm House Crew is holding a work party to bubble wrap the Palm House, and to fleece tender plants! All welcome, no experience needed!

Do you have any old bubble wrap you could donate?

Bubble wrap the Palm House? – What’s that?

In order to insulate the Palm House for Winter 2018 and to reduce heating costs, the Crew are collecting regular packing bubble wrap. This will be applied to the entire glass roof of the greenhouse to hold in heat. We’ll need lots of helpers to get it all up!

Fleece tender plants? – Ouch, does that hurt?

Of course not! In addition to insulating the Palm House, volunteers will be wrapping lengths of warm fleece around bamboo stakes with tops tied together to make warm little wigwams for each of the tender plants – a bit like draping a blanket on a cot!


  1. Bubble wrap – Have you moved home recently? Do you have pieces of bubble wrap of any size that you don’t want to send to landfill? Please donate them to the Palm House team!
  2. Please donate old badge cards if you have them!

    Badge holders – Please save and bring to the Palm House any old plastic conference badge holders or travelcard/credit card wallets you may have – they make useful plant label covers!




If you’re able to to help in any way, please contact Lynda or Anne at info@wolveslane.orgor just show up! All welcome, no experience needed. See you there!

Thanks in advance for your support!

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