Thank you to the Choir at St Cuthbert’s!

Choir from St Cuthbert’s on Wolves Lane

Festive Market welcomes Choir

Wolves Lane Festive Market was very pleased to have a special appearance from the Choir at St Cuthbert’s Church which is just up the road on Wolves Lane!

The Choir sang carols to an assembled crowd that was filled with wide-eyed children of all ages. They were even accompanied by a trumpet player!

Let trumpets sound!

Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre loves community exchanges, and likewise Vicar Mark said, “We are very glad to be here and find a fun new way to engage with the Wolves Lane and Wood Green communities.”

St Cuthbert’s Survey asks how they can help

St Cuthbert’s is currently carrying out a survey to find out how they can best serve the Wolves Lane and Wood Green community:

we’re speaking to as many people as we can to understand how we can make the biggest differenceThe survey is short and simple.  We’re simply asking how we can help you, your neighbours, and the most vulnerable in our community.

It might be English conversation classes, help with money management, or a night shelter. Your family might benefit from a homework club, a regular community meal or a toddler group. We’d love to hear from you.

You can find St Cuthbert’s survey here.

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