Yet more photos from – Stella McCartney fashion shoot at Wolves Lane!!



Stella McCartney Ltd’s did a fashion shoot at Wolves Lane? Wow!

How it happened

An Art Director at Stella McCartney Ltd was looking for possible shoot locations for the Autumn/Winter 2018 editorial: they wanted it to be themed around growing and horticulture.

The Art Director had heard about the great things happening at Wolves Lane Flower Company, and presented images from WLFC’s Instagram to the SMC Creative Team. She created a kind of reference mood board to display this wonderful place where SMC could shoot the editorial.

She described the beautiful location at Wolves Lane, and Wolves Lane Flower Company’s ethos of environmentally-friendly seasonal flowers. And SMC Creative Team liked the sound of it!

Stella McCartney Ltd likes eco-friendly!

SMC is one of the most environmentally conscious fashion brands and their credentials in this department are impressive. It was WLFC’s and Wolves Lane site’s overall eco credentials as a chemical free and seasonal horticulture site that drew them to Wolves Lane.

Where did the photography happen?

SMC shot most of the stills images up by Wolves Lane Flower Company’s flower growing plots, and in the walk way between the Edible London UK  and the cactus house. Some images were taken at the back of Edible London’s glasshouse.


The shoot featured two SMC models and the fabulous Brian the Wonder Dog, who currently serves as Chairdog of the Board at Wolves Lane Flower Company.

Where were the videos taken?

All of the videos were shot inside Edible London’s glasshouse (it’s very tidy in there!)

When was the Stella McCartney Ltd fashion shoot at Wolves Lane?

SMC shot on site for one day at the end of August. (We couldn’t release this information until after the SMC Autumn/Winter 2018 editorial was made public!)

Carbon footprint reduced

Daniel, who cooks community lunches at Wolves Lane, provided the catering – with a lot of the produce coming from Wolves Lane. So their carbon foot print was reduced further in this respect!

Helping Wolves Lane grow!

And the majority of the location fees went to OranicLea Consortium to help with repairs!

What an exciting event to have had at Wolves Lane!


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