Kew Gardens outing – on International Women’s Day!

On International Women’s Day March 8th, a group of volunteers went on a spectacular exhibition to Kew Gardens to view the Colombian Orchids. 

Thank you

Through Ubele’s Community Membership Anne ,Nuala ,Yvonne and myself spent a memorable day viewing the exhibition. Loretta and Nuala also organised trips on other days so that lots of volunteers shared this wonderful experience.

Colombian Orchids at Kew

Kew in conjunction with Colombian Scientists and Conservationists created the exhibition which showcased Colombian handicrafts, animals and beautiful tropical plants as well as more than 5,700orchids at the festival.
Columbia is the Worlds most biodiverse country having 4,700 species of orchids and the world’s greatest no of bird species.

Central Display at Exhibit
The central display of the festival was a display of animals made from various materials with a toucan in flight, a hanging sloth and a swimming turtle intertwined with stunning orchids bromeliads and other tropical plants.

Preserving Columbian Plants
We all felt privileged to see such a beautiful exhibition and had the greatest admiration for the Kew volunteers and staff and the Colombian Government for organising it.
Being International Women’s Day, we enjoyed the beauty of the display and feel this international co-operation is essential in order to preserve the beauty of Columbia’s plants and animals ..many new species of plants are discovered and documented each year.

A wonderful day!
Thanks to Yvonne from Ubele in giving us this wonderful day out!


Mary Connolly




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