SUNDAY Aug 18th – beautiful flowers for sale – and more!

Wolves Lane opens

every Sunday 12noon – 4pm


Beautiful flowers for sale!

During the summer we have been building a new stock of plants for sale:

Morning Glories

Purple Heart

Polka Dot plant


and Jasmine

Flower notes:

Now available are pink tropical morning glories like the ones in the Palm House, also pots of other popular palm house plants like purple heart, polka dot plant, philodendrons and jasmine, which will flourish in a warm garden until the end of September. Then you can bring them indoors…and for morning glories, save the seed for next year as we did.

Jasmine is just about frost hardy but if kept outdoors will die back a lot in winter and flower less. Best in a porch or conservatory where the white scented flowers will come out in April or May.


Figs, plums, wild rocket, grape vine leaves

If they last that long we’ll have figs and plums for sale, plus we can pick to order wild rocket for salad or pesto and big grape vine leaves for you to stuff to make dolmades.

Organic tomatoes!

And if you’re lucky the growers will have their first organic tomatoes to sell.



Lots to enjoy, so see you there!

Plants and organic food produce

from site growers

at Wolves Lane!

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