SUN NOV 24 at Edible London – Volunteer and learning opportunities!

Edible London

Volunteer Sessions



All welcome

Every Sunday Edible London opens the greenhouse doors at Wolves Lane to the public to get involved with the weekly activities of farm life and this week is no different! You can be part of the team that help us make the magic happen.


Join us at our greenhouse in Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre (N22) this Sunday.

Help us grow the food we use to feed our community and learn more about what goes into growing food in an inspiring and exciting urban environment.


To get involved, head to Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre on Sundays, London, N22 5JD from 10am-4pm

A veggie/vegan lunch will be provided. Be sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Bring your friends and family and don’t worry if growing food is new to you; bring your energy and enthusiasm and we’ll get you up to speed with all the training you need along the way. All ages welcome, though young children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

If you are struggling to find us or can’t get in, please give Ash a call on 07500056602


More about other Edible London Volunteer Sessions at various other times

Come join all of our Edible London volunteer days: get to know your community, meet new people, learn new skills and be inspired! Lunch provided to all volunteers.


Please sign up to Edible London’s newsletter to keep up with when one off sessions are running over the winter period.

Whether it be one day a week or an hour a month – please do not be shy!


Anyone with the time to commit to volunteering and an interest in learning about horticulture, cookery and community engagement is welcomed with open arms.


Sunny 07383938153 or Ashley at 07500056602!



What’s growing on at Edible London?


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