Palm House update – from the Wolves Lane Palm House Crew!

Palm House Update

Lantana bushes coming soon!

Things are progressing in the palm house – we have now learned how to take cuttings of our beautiful lantana bushes and there are two by my attic window growing fast and waiting to come back in the spring. Last September we even sold a couple.

Strelitzia Planning

We’d love some advice on propagating strelitzia too, since the clumps are getting bigger and bigger and we would like to share them.

Plans for Exotic Fruits – shout out for avocado-growing experts!

We want to put some exotic fruits into the palm house so if you are good at growing avocados from seed, we’d love a couple more to join the 2 year old one now 4 feet high and its little sisters just planted out in January.

Request – for donations of fruiting passiflora plants

Also does anyone have any fruiting passiflora plants – or cuttings we could try to root? They are gorgeous both for flowers and fruit.

Donations of plants to sell on Sundays to raise funds most welcome!

We look forward to working with Friends on the Sunday public opening rotas as well, and offers of plants to sell to visitors for the funds would be most welcome.

— Anne Gray

Wolves Lane Palm House Crew

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