List of Plants for Sale – TOMORROW Saturday 10.30~1pm – by the Wolves Lane gate!

Saturday Mornings

10.30am to 1pm only


Plants for Sale

by the Wolves Lane gate!


This week we have some exotic items on offer:

  • starfish cactus,
  • a couple of clivia lillies about to flower,
  • some canna lilies,
  • and more of the pink morning glories that were very popular last week.

For window-boxes and indoors we have

  • tradescantia,
  • geraniums,
  • money trees,
  • various succulents and spider plants

For food and flavours, we have

  • cardoons,
  • mint, and
  • rosemary
From next week, when hopefully it will be warm enough again for you to plant them out, we’ll have the tomatoes people have been clamouring for.
Come by the gate between 10.30 and 1 where we will put out pots, a price list and a collecting tin – and if you have any questions, there will be people weeding close by, so do give us a shout. 
Thank you to everyone who visited Wolves Lane last week! There was enormous appreciation from the public and we made a goodly amount for site repair/tools fund. Your support is appreciated.
Wolves Lane Palm House Crew
With proper social distancing in place,
Saturday mornings from 10.30am to 1pm,
we now have a table with an ‘honesty box’ at the gate
with potted morning glories and
whatever other plants we can rustle up for sale!
Do drop by and see if there’s something you fancy
for your garden or your window sill.

Wolves Lane Palm House Crew


Remember: Open Sundays will return just as soon as possible!

Watch this blog to find out when!

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