Plant Stories – come bring us your memories!

Plant Stories: A Palm House Crew project

Have you ever lived in an area where any of the plants in the Wolves Lane Palm House grow?

Palm House and Desert House

We have plants in our Palm House and Desert Area from Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, the USA, Australia, Madagascar and the Mediterranean.

  • What do these interesting plants mean to people who live there – are they weeds, much-loved wild plants, or food?
  • Are they used for medicine or making things?
  • What are they called in the local language where they grow?
  • What kind of places do they grow in – mountains, coastal areas, forests, fields, roadsides, dry rocky places or river valleys?
  • How cold does it get there in winter? In which season do they get rain?
  • How can we best give them conditions as near as possible like their original habitat?

Come and tell us about your experience of these plants!

We can learn important things from you:

  • Could you write something on a post-it note for our Plant Stories board?
  • Or make a video for a minute on your phone?
  • Or could we film you? If you’re willing, you could send us the clip and we could use these to make a short film about our greenhouses!
  • Or we can put stills into a scrap book…
  • All ideas welcome!

What you can tell us will:

  1. help us care for our plants better and
  2. explain interesting things about them to schoolchildren and other visitors.

Let us know how we can add your knowledge to the Wolves Lane knowledge base!


Lynda or Anne at

Thank you in advance and the Palm House Crew looks forward to hearing from you!

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