What’s growing wild at Wolves Lane?

Plantain or

Plantago Major

grows wild at Wolves Lane!

Yes, really!

Come take a look!


Plantago major, also known as the plantain weed, is considered a garden nuisance by many people. Fewer people know that the common plantain weed has some surprising benefits as an herb.

“The plantain weed goes by several other names, such as white man’s foot, rabbit ears, dooryard plantain, greater plantain, and broadleaf plantain.

“The leaves of the plant are not only edible but actually highly nutritious…they can be rinsed and eaten raw the same way one would eat spinach… The taste is comparable to that of Swiss chard…”

“Seeds from the plantain weed are also nutritious. They can be finely ground and used as a flour in breads and pancakes, among other dishes, and they add protein. Plantain leaves are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and magnesium.

The leaves are also quite high in fiber, which is why they’ve been used as a home remedy for constipation; they serve as a natural laxative. In fact, broadleaf plantain is related to psyllium, a plant commonly used in over-the-counter laxative preparations.

“a topical remedy for insect bites…[steep] the leaves in hot water as you would do with a tea and applying the tea to the insect bite.”

You can read about many more uses at ideahacks.com


There are lots of exciting things growing at Wolves Lane.

Most regular Wolves Lane activities are still suspended indefinitely. But it’s all waiting for you when the lockdown is lifted!

But there’s good news!

A couple of things have started again at Wolves Lane! There are now:


Weekend Plant Sales

Saturdays 11am~1:30pm


Sundays 11am~4pm



And remember: Open Sundays and all the other great events, activities and volunteering opportunities will return just as soon as possible!

Watch this blog to find out when!



And learn what’s on

at Wolves Lane!


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