What will grow wild in Spring at Wolves Lane?


grows wild at Wolves Lane!

Yes, really!


Fun Facts:

  • “Forget-me-nots flower in spring (and coming soon!)
  • A large number of species that come under the forget-me-not category are native to New Zealand.
  • A few European Species were introduced in the temperate regions of America, Asia, and Europe.
  • Forget-me-not is the state flower of the American state of Alaska.
  • Forget me not plants can be annual, in the sense that their life last for one year or it can be perennial, in the sense that their life – namely, germination, flowering, and death take more than two years.”



Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Wolves Lane is closed until further notice.

During this time, behind the gates, Wolves Lane growers are still growing, Wolves Lane meals for delivery to vulnerable homes, and a new seed bank project has been launched!

We hope soon…

We hope that you will soon be able to once again say hello to the flowers, fish, and terrapins, tour the Palm House! Join Crafty Kids Art sessions, and buy locally grown produce, locally made garden accessories made with repurposed wood, and plants!

Follow this blog to keep up with updates as events unfold.

Read about prior activities at What’s On and Special Days. Updates at Palm House. Celebrity Visits. Contact volunteer@wolveslane.org to learn more about future opportunities when the Centre re-opens.

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