Essential Maintenance happening at Wolves Lane!

New viewing windows have been installed to look into the Desert House…


What’s happening at Wolves Lane?

Essential site, plant maintenance and animal care are still ongoing.

Wolves Lane Consortium says they are “working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the time when it is safe and legal to do so in the interim, developing some online activities that you can get involved in”. (Wolves Lane January Newsletter)


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Wolves Lane is currently closed to the public until further notice…

BUT there are other Wolves Lane activities still happening too:

Behind the gates, Wolves Lane growers are still growing, volunteers are still assembling Wolves Lane meals for delivery to vulnerable homes, and a new seed bank project has been launched!

We hope soon…

Wolves Lane is looking forward to lock down ending soon, and the community being able to return to the Centre for regular activities and events.

We hope that you will soon be able to once again say hello to the flowers, fish, and terrapins, tour the Palm House! Join Crafty Kids Art sessions, and buy locally grown produce, locally made garden accessories made with repurposed wood, and plants!

Read about prior activities at What’s On and Special Days. Updates at Palm House. Celebrity Visits. Contact to learn more about future opportunities when the Centre re-opens.

2021 – There’s lots to look forward to after lock down ends!

Follow this blog to keep up with updates as events unfold ~ stay tuned!

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