Do you have extra seeds to donate? – seed donation box at Wolves Lane!

Wolves Lane Seed Bank project

Since January, Wolves Lane has embarked on a new seed bank and seed distribution to support new food growers. They would like to equip people with seed starter kits to grow from home, either on a windowsill, balcony or in their gardens.

And lots of enthusiastic supporters have already donated envelopes filled with seeds!
Do you have any seeds you could donate?

To support this project, WL would be happy to receive donations of seeds from your garden or growers on an allotment. These may be seeds harvested from previous crops, or even excess seeds you no longer want or need.

WL would gladly receive these in the seed donation box at Wolves Lane.


Step 1.

Put the seeds into an envelope. Include the label with the type of seed, the year that the seed was harvested and name of donating allotment. 

Step 2.
Leave the envelope at the drop box at Wolves Lane Centre 
Post: Send the seeds in an envelope addressed to:

Bunmi Otubushin
Wolves Lane Centre
Wolves Lane
Wood Green
N22 5JD



Wolves Lane Centre is opening up again after locked downs – it is once again offering its events and activities:


Come visit the Sunday Plant Sale – every Sunday!


LOVE FOOD continues offering tasty lunches every Friday and Sunday!


Watch this blog for updates ~ stay tuned!

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