Reminder – last day – Palm House request for support: please complete Haringey Budget Consultation by Jan 20th


A few WL volunteers have asked to pass on the below message about the Palm House:

“Unfortunately due to budget constraints and the energy crisis, the Wolves Lane Consortium was forced to cease the Palm House heating just before a difficult frost in December 2022, and several plants have suffered serious damage. 

The volunteers fear that with further severe weather this winter, a greenhouse filled with 50-year old heritage stock of plants will not survive.

The good news:

Wolves Lane Centre has won a big lottery funding: £160,000!

A lot of work and effort was put into writing this grant application – and they won! It will mean a big new community centre will be built with this funding. You can read more about these exciting plans here

Even more good news

The Council propose to match this funding by giving another £160,000 to the Wolves Lane Centre! 

But the volunteers are concerned 

that, unfortunately due to WL constraints, heating and insulating the Palm House has not been included in the site plans for this winter. This is devastating as the volunteers have worked tirelessly since the freezes of 2018 to restore the Palm house.

The volunteers ask for your support 

in asking the Council to earmark a portion of their ‘£160,000 funding match’ for Palm House heating and insulation 

this winter to preserve and save the existing 50-year old plant heritage.


They ask for your support by completing the Haringey Budget Consultation – before January 20th:

  1. applaud Wolves Lane for all their hard work!  
  2. ask for a portion of the Council’s ‘£160,000 funding match’ to be earmarked for heating and better insulation in the Palm House this winter

Budget Consultation 2023-24 | Haringey Council


They thank you for your support. 


Views of the Palm House




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