Voice Activation with Api Ascaso May 24th 7:30pm~

Voice Activation by Api Ascaso at candlelight, surrounded by Cacti and exotic plants at Wolves Lane Centre

Limited spaces due to nature of space

Doors and bar 6 pm

Session 7:30 pm

Advance tickets £10

Buy tickets here


Api is an explorative and vibrant soul whose musical abilities reunite together to create expressive, eclectic and soulful music.

With the deep understanding that creativity is a healing force, Api will take you a journey to encounter your soul, orchestrated by breath, dance, storytelling, drums, and other world instruments that carry the power of pray and intention.

Api performs in different collaborations and offers regular voice activation workshops called “Music Under One Moon”, aimed to help people to express and heal through their unique sound and free expressions. She is studying to become an advance holistic voice therapist and continues her journey as child therapist, energy healer and space .

Api previously have recorded at the Nopalera and also part of the interaction between music and plants, on this session Api and the garden are welcoming humans to share this beautiful collaboration.

Limited spaces due to nature of space

Doors and bar 6 pm

Session 7:30 pm

Read more about it here


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