TODAY – SATURDAY Plant Sale – Saturday Oct 31st, 11am~1:30pm!

Saturdays 11am to 1:30pm . Plants for Sale by the Wolves Lane gate! . Plants for sale are seasonal and every week brings new things for sale at Wolves Lane! . Please follow the signs for plants or bike repairs as you enter.  . . There's always something interesting and new for sale: . Now... Continue Reading →


NEW!! SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS 12noon to 4pm BIKE REPAIR SERVICE by the Wolves Lane gate! (Also Saturdays 12noon to 4pm) . Mustafa, Wolves Lane's dedicated bike and wheelbarrow repairer, who is on site   Saturdays and Sundays 12 to 4 –   offering many repairs for the price of the parts!   Come by the... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! from May your harvest be golden! "It is widely believed that many Halloween traditions originated from ancient Celtic harvest festivals, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain." - wikipedia  

Look what’s growing at Wolves Lane!

There are lots of exciting things growing at Wolves Lane. Most regular Wolves Lane activities are still suspended indefinitely. But it’s all waiting for you when the lockdown is lifted! ~~ But there’s good news! A couple of things have started again at Wolves Lane! There are now the: Plant Sale on Saturdays 11am~1:30pm and... Continue Reading →

What’s growing wild at Wolves Lane?

Nettles grow wild at Wolves Lane! "The plant has a long history of use as a source for traditional medicine, food, tea, and textile raw material in ancient societies... ...Urtica dioica...or nettle leaf, is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the family Urticaceae." -- wiki ~~ There are lots of exciting things growing at Wolves... Continue Reading →

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