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We remember…

The Friends of Wolves Lane remember when the centre used to be open to the public 7 days a week. Families, the young and old, used to enjoy the Palm House with its beautiful koi and terrapins, the Desert House with flowering cacti, socialising in the cafe, visiting the greenhouses and visiting the rescue rabbits, semi-retired chickens, ducks and guinea pigs.

The Centre has been closed to the public since April 2017.

It is the Friends of Wolves Lane’s mission to ensure that this valuable community resource is once again enjoyed and accessible to the community it serves. We are working with Haringey Councillors and OrganicLea for innovative ways to ensure this. Please watch our blog for future updates. We look forward to it being open to the public again soon.

Please join us in the Campaign to Save Wolves Lane Centre. Your help is greatly needed and much appreciated.

Contact OrganicLea to find out when the Centre will open again at or 020 8524 4994.



Look what’s verdant in the Desert House at Wolves Lane!








Have you ever seen a cactus bloom?

Have you ever seen a cactus bloom? Did you know they can have flowers?

Come see the cacti in the Desert House at Wolves Lane Centre! They are waiting for you…

Look what’s blooming at Wolves Lane!

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