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RHS Tips for taking care of your garden


Our top 10 tips for caring for your garden in this hot dry weather

With the recent wave of hot, dry weather across the UK you might have noticed your garden starting to wither. Chief Horticulturist, Guy Barter, has some top tips for caring for your garden at a time when water is at a premium.

1. Trees may shed leaves indicating stress but it is seldom fatal. Established shrubs, roses and climbers don’t usually need watering either.

2. Consider re-using water from your home. Wastewater from the kitchen, baths, basins and showers is suitable to water plants and containers.

3. Water newly planted trees and shrubs as a priority. Ensure the root ball is wet, checking with a trowel if necessary.

4. Where planting is essential and can’t be delayed; puddle plants in, fill the planting hole with water (or better, ¼ strength liquid fertiliser) and allow to drain several times before setting out plants.

5. A good soak, to wet the root zone, every 10 days in July and 14 days in August is best. Watering little and often is generally more work, less effective and wasteful of water. However, a ‘good soak’ can mean the equivalent of four 9L / 2gallon watering cans per square metre / yard.

6. Move small pots and hanging baskets into the shade. Suspend hanging baskets over a potted plant so run-off water gets used.

7. Lawns may brown, but although the leaves die the grass remains alive, ready to regrow once the rain returns. So watering them is not essential.

8.  Greenhouses, conservatories and polythene tunnels easily overheat. So boost shading and even remove some panes of glass to reduce temperatures.

9. Target water where it is most needed. Camellia and rhododendrons lay down buds in late summer, so a good soak every so often then will help.

10. Warmth will speed up composting so there should be plenty of excellent compost this winter. Add some water, however if the mix looks dry.

Making your garden more drought resistant





London Grown in the Garden – volunteer on Tuesdays!

OPEN DAY at Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre
Sunday, 10th June 2018

We regret to announce that June’s Wolves Lane Community Market is to be postponed.
It will however take place on Sunday 8th July as planned.

Join us for an Open Day this Sunday, 10th June
at Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre!

The day will involve all site users opening their space and promoting their organisations. Come and see our lovely site, the terrapins, meet some very interesting people and get a glimpse on what is happening at Wolves Lane!

There will be plants for sale. Tea, coffee and cake will be served.

And remember to join us next month on Sunday 8th July for the next Wolves Lane Community Market!

If you have any inquiries, please contact

See you on Sunday!!



Join us for Wolves Lane Community Market on the following dates:

Sunday 8th July 2018

Sunday 9th September 2018

Sunday 14th October 2018

Sunday 9th December 2018


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Taster Session TODAY 10am! – AQA Course for 16-25 years olds – at Wolves Lane

TOMORROW 10am! Taster Session – AQA Course for 16-25 years olds – at Wolves Lane


NEW – AQA Course: Taking Part in a Food Growing Enterprise


…16-25 years old?

…resident in Haringey or in Enfield?

…NEET: not in education, employment or training?

Then join us!

Taster session on May 31, 2018 at 10am!


This 10 week AQA Course begins June 7, 2018 and runs


10am ~ 1pm

Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre

Wolves Lane N22 5JD


Contact London Grown for more information or

to register for the Taster Session

0753 183 7893 

flaminiademartino (at)

Getting Young People into Local Food Enterprise

~~ OrganicLea and London Grown have joined forces to deliver training in Taking Part in a Food Growing Enterprise ~~

London Grown in the Garden – volunteer on Tuesdays!

Taster Session: AQA Course for 16-25 year olds next Thurs May 31st!

NEW – AQA Course for 16-25 year olds!