Please SIGN THE PETITION to achieve 30,000 signatures! BAME communities and the impact of COVID-19’

Please sign & share the Petition! ‘BAME communities and the impact of COVID-19’ petition Help Ubele achieve 30,000 signatures! Your support is much appreciated. ~~ How it began: Ubele's 10 point Community Action Plan Ubele launched a BAME community organisations’ report and  a 10 point community action plan at the Emergency Community Conversation panel, hosted... Continue Reading →

Start your own Gardening Tips group online? – C0unt M3 1n!

As we all adjust to social distancing requirements of staying home and aren't able to visit Wolves Lane in person for the moment, many new free online resources have emerged. Some of these are perfect for those with an interest in gardening! C0unt m3 1n Count Me In is a platform that connects people around... Continue Reading →

New cooking course for volunteers!

  Chef Sharon's cooking course for volunteers Sharon Conrad, our resident community cook has been running a four week cooking course for WL volunteers. New course starts soon! She is now offering this again over the next few weeks and hopefully, this can be made more widely available in due course. The aim of the... Continue Reading →

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