List of Plants for Sale – TOMORROW Saturday June 6th, 11am~1:30pm – by the Wolves Lane gate!

Saturdays 11am to 1:30pm . Plants for Sale by the Wolves Lane gate! . Our very popular plant sale on Saturday continues! . . . Examples of what's on sale: . Bag a philodendron which will grace your sitting room for several years for £5-£6, or some colourful nicotianas which will flower in July/August, spider... Continue Reading →

TODAY – SUNDAY MAY 31st, 12noon~4pm – Black Rootz Plant Sale – by the Wolves Lane gate!

NEW!! SUNDAY MAY 31st 12noon to 4pm Black Rootz PLANT SALE by the Wolves Lane gate! . Support Wolves Lane! . Come by the gate where we will put out pots, a price list and a collecting tin - . and if you have any questions, there will be people weeding close by, so do... Continue Reading →

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