Earn Haringey £ – Volunteer REWARDS at Wolves Lane!

Volunteer at Wolves Lane and earn TIME CREDITS to spend on yourself, your family and friends! Contact Matthew, Volunteer Rewards Coordinator at info (at) wolveslane.org to register with the programme then check out timecredits.com to see where you can spend them! Great news! We are now signed up with Tempo.  You can start earning Time... Continue Reading →

What’s growing wild at Wolves Lane in summer?

Blackberries grow wild at Wolves Lane! ~~ Open Days: August 5, 6 and 8 Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Wolves Lane has been closed - but now it's beginning to open! There are Open Days tomorrow Friday August 6th and Sunday August 8th - come take a look! What has been happening during lockdown? During... Continue Reading →

What will grow wild in Spring at Wolves Lane?

FORGET-ME-NOT grows wild at Wolves Lane! Yes, really! ~~ Fun Facts: "Forget-me-nots flower in spring (and coming soon!) A large number of species that come under the forget-me-not category are native to New Zealand. A few European Species were introduced in the temperate regions of America, Asia, and Europe. Forget-me-not is the state flower of... Continue Reading →

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