Community Use – Make a Proposal!

OrganicLea’s Vision for Wolves Lane:

An initiative that grows and distributes sustainably produced food to local residents and businesses; engages a wide range of people in learning and skills activities, and health and well-being benefits; establishes itself as a centre for promoting healthy eating; and offers space for community groups and social enterprises to run activities that benefit the community.

Please write with your ideas, suggestion, proposals for the future!

  • Would you like to organise and lead a community activity at Wolves Lane?
  • The community activities below have already been proposed – which ones interest you?

Proposed Activities

  • Outdoor Gardening Club to encourage outdoor growing, including foraging and exploration of heritage vegetables
  • Kitchen Gardeners – indoor gardening club to encourage balcony and kitchen gardens
  • Ideas and Innovation Day: “How to Upcycle and Recycle”-  a day for people to put forward their ideas, exchange and barter.
  • Play area – indoor or outdoor. After trying to get small children to walk around the venue, it would be good to have an area where they can let off a bit of steam. The good thing about indoor play areas is that you can make a small charge for them, ie at the Wyevale Garden Centre in Enfield (I appreciate this is a chain).
  • Worksheets of things to spot at the garden centre (i.e. five animals, five red things for younger children; an arachnid, an evergreen for older children)
  • Cafe with great coffee and healthy recipes
  • Homework clubs
  • Toy exchange
  • Book exchange
  • Book Club
  • Writers Circle
  • Wildlife exploration
  • Bird Watching Club
  • Fish Club
  • “I remember Haringey” – a collective memoir writing group to document residents’ memories in Haringey
  • Yoga
  • Walking Club
  • Photography
  • Art Classes
  • “Learn how to make simple repairs to household goods” surgery
  • Local History Events
  • Public Speaking Club
  • Wine Tastings
  • Environmental education programme for people of all ages
  • Secondary schools gardening programme for young adults from 16 to 24 years of age
  • Self-led school groups ‘hiring’ areas of the glasshouses to grow flowers and vegetables which can either be cooked in their own school kitchens or used in the café
  • Family Learning education programme
  • volunteering programme, aimed at people with learning disabilities, to provide them with gardening opportunities and education to create their own successful garden spaces or enjoy working with others
  • Local farmers market at weekends – for example Myddleton Road market (

What other activities would you like to see at Wolves Lane?

Please write with your ideas, suggestion, proposals for the future!

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