Earn Haringey £ – Volunteer REWARDS at Wolves Lane!

Volunteer at Wolves Lane and earn


to spend on yourself, your family and friends!


Matthew, Volunteer Rewards Coordinator


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Great news! We are now signed up with Tempo.  You can start earning Time Credits by volunteering with Wolves Lane. Time  Credits is a time based currency designed to value the time of people supporting their local community.


How Time Credits work

For a hour an individual contributes to their community or service, they could earn a Time Credit. This Time Credit can be spent on accessing an hour of activity, such as local attractions (St Pauls, Tower of London), gyms (fusion, fitness first) , cinemas (Art House, Phoenix)  or courses (City Lit, HALS, Westminster college) . Time Credits can also be given to other people, or used to take family or friends along to an experience.

Spending Time Credits

The Time Credit currency flow of earn and spend is very important so please don’t forget to get spending! We rely on the currency to come back in, in order for it to flow through the system and go back out again to you. Take a look at the Time Credit spending opportunities in London on www.timecredits.com. You can spend Haringey Time Credits in any of the places listed on timecredits.com.

In order to receive updates about one-off spend opportunities and new partners  I advise you to sign up to our newsletter through here Sign up to our newsletter

Getting Registered

Before you start earning Time Credits you need to register online through this Registration Link.  – please be aware that the data is confidential and Tempo do not share any personal information with anyone, including their commissioners.

Once you submit the form you will be ask if you would like to take part in Time Credits Evaluation Survey, it will be only a few questions and the aim is to measure Time Credits impact in Haringey.


Time Credits are run by Tempo (formerly Spice), a charity that started in Wales in 2008 and now works across the UK.”

“Time Credits work very simply: for each hour that an individual contributes to their community or service, they could earn a Time Credit. This Time Credit can be spent accessing an hour of activity provided by one of our corporate and community partners, or gifted to others.”

Time Credits are a way of recognising the amazing things people do in their communities. …Everyone’s time is worth the same with Time Credits, and as well as spending them yourself you can take friends or family with you or give them some of your Time Credits to spend themselves.”

“There are lots of ways to earn Time Credits across your community, and hundreds of ways to spend them across the country. Have a look around our website for spending opportunities near you, and in other regions of the UK.”

timecredits.com !



You can find more about the Time Credits programme at www.wearetempo.org.

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