School Visits

From April 1st 2017, Haringey Council awarded management of Wolves Lane to OrganicLea (recently renamed the Wolves Lane Consortium).

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Prior to management handover in 2017, school visits were available at Wolves Lane:


“For more organised visits, Wolves Lane is a fantastic multi-sensory and inspirational experience for school children from early years through to key stage 2.

The multi-sensory experience takes them through a desert area with weird and wonderful shaped cacti, a rainforest area with falling rain and model creatures and into the Palm House where they can wander amongst palm trees and giant ferns and see  terrapins, goldfish and giant koi swimming in running streams.

In the classroom it is possible to handle a range of small creatures that would naturally live in rainforest or desert conditions. These include snakes, tree frogs, geckos and tarantula!

All sessions are linked to the national curriculum and focus on a range of topics including habitats, planting and growing, sustainability and being healthy. Sessions can also be developed to any particular focus that children may be working on.

Our services cover the provision for “learning outside the classroom” activities for Key stage 1 & 2 children. Our delivery offer provides children in preschool and key stage 1 & 2 multi-sensory and interactive sessions covering topics including a variety of geography and science areas. Exact content can be tailored to suit schools particular needs. All sessions are linked to the new National Curriculum outcomes.

Teachers are encouraged to make a preparatory visit so they are fully prepared and learning can be extended to the full during the visit. Appropriate risk assessments are in place and these and other informative documents are sent to the visiting schools before a visit

The café area can be booked for schools to have packed lunch or, if the weather is fine, nearby Woodside Park can be used.

For all information and bookings please visit our Traded Services website (external link) or contact Stuart Hopking, Wolves Lane Centre Manager, 020 8888 5306, “



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