History of Wolves Lane

Over 400 years of gardening on Wolves Lane Centre’s land!

How has the land at Wolves Lane Centre and Palm House been used over the past 4 centuries?

Since the early 1600s, the grounds have been dedicated to growing beautiful flowers, plants, young trees, hedges and nourishing foods.

Who was the first recorded gardener on these beautiful 3.5 acres of land?

In 1611, Widow Pearson’s Rose Fields are recorded on an illustrated map of the area that was drawn for the 3rd Earl of Dorset, Richard Sackville.

Widow Pearson grew roses on these lands for both decorative and medicinal purposes.

Some more historic dates

  • 1904 – the area was Alexandra Nurseries, owned by Maurice Ahern
  • By the 1930s, it had become Allotment Gardens (noted in Haringey Council Minutes)
  • Sometime before June 1969, the northern strip of land ( the garden lots and the “Woodland” area of the current Wolves Lane campus) had become Glendale Nurseries
  • On 19th June 1969, the Haringey Director of Parks proposed creating a central nursery for the borough, extending the Glendale Nurseries south 3.5 acres to become Nurseries for the Council to nurture trees, hedges and flowers for use in the borough’s parks
  • 1970 – the current glass houses were built
  • On 18th March 1971, Council Minutes show the Public Services committee agreed to request the Mayor of Haringey open the Council Nurseries
  • On 1st April 2017, Organic Lea Consortium began managing Haringey’s site with a vision to grow and distribute “wholesome food and a space for the local food economy to develop through education, enterprise and events”
  • June 2019 – OLC was reformed to become the Wolves Lane Consortium who manage the site today


~~ With thanks to the Archivists and staff at the Bruce Castle Museum for their generous help in compiling this information, and to Albert Pinching for his excellent work: “Wood Green Past” (c) 2000. ~~

How the 3.5 acres of Wolves Lane Centre may have looked in the 1611.


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