How to volunteer at Wolves Lane

Wolves Lane is once again looking for volunteers!

Wolves Lane looks forward to welcoming more people into the volunteer team.

Volunteers will be working outside in small groups well separated in a socially distanced way. Join in to relax, garden, meet new people, spend time with nature, and learn new skills in a relaxed environment.

All volunteers at Wolves Lane will have an induction prior to them starting to volunteer.

Various Volunteer positions available

Read more about the various positions available (and how to apply) here.

How to Apply

Complete the application form and start volunteering with Wolves Lane!

*If you previously volunteered at Wolves Lane and would like to resume volunteering, please complete the application. 

**We follow the Covid-19 guidelines to make sure volunteering with us is safe.

Blooms in the Palm House waiting to be cared for!

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