Wolves Lane Sunday Plant Sale: September 11th!

  WOLVES LANE Sunday Plant Sale 11am to 3pm . Plants for Sale at Wolves Lane  SUNDAYS! AND HOT TASTY LOVE FOOD TOO! . . This will be another SUPER-SALE - our growers have been very busy growing food plants , and there's also a good collection of flowers! . If it's raining, we may... Continue Reading →

Attention from around the world

And wolveslane.com has attracted attention from around the world - since May 25, 2015, there have been visitors from the following countries: UK USA India HK S Africa Canada Brazil Romania Australia Spain Ireland Italy France Germany Belgium Poland Philippines Netherlands Russia Sweden Nigeria Malaysia Austria Greece Indonesia Czech republic New Zealand Singapore Turkey Norway... Continue Reading →

Volunteer at Wolves Lane!

Wolves Lane is once again looking for volunteers! Wolves Lane looks forward to welcoming more people into the volunteer team. Volunteers will be working outside in small groups well separated in a socially distanced way. Join in to relax, garden, meet new people, spend time with nature, and learn new skills in a relaxed environment.... Continue Reading →

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