Wolves Lane snow!!

~~ Wolves Lane Centre is currently locked down, but after this new lock down ends, it will once again offer its regular events and activities. 2021 – There's lots to look forward to after lock down ends! Wolves Lane is looking forward to lock down ending soon, and the community being able to return to... Continue Reading →

Wolves Lane “Food for All” project

After this new lock down ends, Wolves Lane will once again offer its regular events and activities. Until then, Wolves Lane continues to grow food for vulnerable households... Wolves Lane "Food for All" Wolves Lane has been “growing food to support the community for almost 20 weeks in 2020 and delivered over 400kg of beautiful... Continue Reading →

Egyptian Geese on Wolves Lane!

Recently seen at the pond park just down Wolves Lane road from the Centre - a mated pair of Egyptian geese enjoying the water! The pond has been freshly replenished with January rains and it looks like these geese approve. There's lots to see at and near Wolves Lane! ~~ Wolves Lane Centre is currently... Continue Reading →

Quiet garden to enjoy on Wolves Lane

St Cuthbert's in also on Wolves Lane (down the road from the Wolves Lane Centre), and welcomes the community to enjoy their garden. If you're looking for a quiet green space to re-connect and relax during the lockdown, St Cuthbert's has opened it's gates to you. There are quiet  benches to sit on and grass... Continue Reading →

Birth Flower – January

Carnation! "Love, fascination and distinction. Worn on Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, St. Patrick's Day (in green) and at weddings, this hardy, sweetly fragrant flower is also the flower of Ohio." -- wiki

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