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Our Constitution

Constitution morgue



The revised Constitution of the Friends of Wolves Lane has been ratified by a quorum of the Friends of Wolves Lane on November 18, 2017. Take a look!

We are working together to make this Friends Group the strongest and most effective group we can to ensure that Wolves Lane Garden Centre continues and thrives.





3500+ Followers and Members – Friends of Wolves Lane!


Friends of Wolves Lane had their very first meeting on April 18, 2015 –

and we have now grown to

3500+ Followers and Members of Friends of Wolves Lane!

If you haven’t already, please follow us on twitter – and  instagram and facebook!

And sign up to show your support as a Member – join our distribution list. It’s FREE!

Then please retweet this post to all your friends!

We do need all the support in numbers we can get to demonstrate to Haringay Council that this is a valued community resource that cannot be lost.

Thank you in advance for all your support in whatever form it may take and we hope to see you at one of our meetings soon!

London Grown MINI MARKET – coming soon!

London Grown is having a

Mini Market at Wolves Lane

Saturday July 29th, 12 noon – 4pm

  • Produce, Plants and More
  • Info on activities new and ongoing at the Centre – come find out how to join in!
  • Food and drink stalls

See you there!

Community Gardening Session at Wolves Lane – Tomorrow!

All the tomatoes are in and the salad bed is nearly ready for planting!

This coming Tuesday 6 June

the LONDON GROWN community gardening session will be at the Wolves Lane centre, N22

11am-4pm (lunch 1-2pm)

Please bring lunch if possible and clothes to garden in. Tea & biscuits provided.

All welcome – no experience required!

Please pass info to friends!

London Grown Sale: Wolves Lane, Sat May 27th!

Squashes, Sunflowers

and More

For Your Garden!


is having a


Saturday May 27th

11:30am – 3:30pm

at Wolves Lane

See you there!


Squashes, Sunflowers and More!

London Grown is having a


Saturday May 27th

11:30am – 3:30pm

at Wolves Lane

See you there!

Wolves Lane – Closed to the Public

From April 1st 2017, Haringey Council has awarded management of Wolves Lane to OrganicLea.

The facility will be closed to the public until further notice.

Contact OrganicLea to find out when it will open again at

020 8524 4994


It is the Friends of Wolves Lane’s mission to ensure that this valuable community resource is enjoyed and accessible to the community it serves. We are working with Haringey Councillors and OrganicLea for innovative ways to ensure this. Please watch this space for future updates. We look forward to it being open to the public again soon.

*** *** *** *** ***

The Friends of Wolves Lane will continue to meet

every third Saturday of the month

at 10:30am 

(New location – to be confirmed)

All welcome.

Please join us, your community garden centre needs your support.

The Agendas & Minutes for Friends’ meetings will continue to be posted on this site as usual.


Pls join us: Haringey Cabinet Meeting tomorrow!


Please join us to show your support for Wolves Lane

at Haringey’s Cabinet Meeting

on Tues the 24th at 6:30pm!

Haringey Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green, N22 8LE

We will be attending the Cabinet’s meeting to show our support for our wonderful Wolves Lane Garden Centre. Please join us! We will not be presenting at this meeting, but a supportive Councillor will be asking questions on our behalf.

The recommendation for primary lease holder of Wolves Lane has been made public by Haringey Council now. Friends of Wolves Lane may involved on some level – but there are no details as to what extent yet.

Haringey Cabinet meet next Tuesday the 24th at 6:30pm to make the final decision. Please come join us at Haringey Civic Centre to support Wolves Lane and to find out more at the Haringey Cabinet Meeting.

More details and the Notice of Meeting of the Cabinet can be found here.

Our Constitution – NEW!

Constitution morgueThe new Constitution of the Friends of Wolves Lane has been ratified by a quorum of the Friends of Wolves Lane.

We are working together to make this Friends Group the strongest and most effective group we can to ensure that Wolves Lane Garden Centre continues and thrives.




  1. Our Aim   The aim of the Friends is to ensure that there should be a financially sustainable future for the Centre providing the current and a widened range of services to enable a thriving local community.
  2. Membership   Membership will be open to anybody with an interest in using the Centre, regardless of class, race, culture, gender, age or sexual orientation, as long as:
    1. they agree with the aims of the group
    2. they have given their name and address to be put on to the membership list.
  3. Annual General Meeting   Every year there will be an Annual General Meeting. The meeting will select one of the members to chair the meeting. At this meeting the members will:
  • Hear a report on the activities of the Friends for the previous year – (and if appropriate, on the group’s finances, prepared by the Treasurer).
  • Decide whether there will be a membership subscription for the forthcoming year
  • Identify and discuss matters of particular importance for the forthcoming year.
  • Make rules on the way the Friends group will operate e.g. by amending the Constitution.
  • Collect and record names of members who wish to be members of any working groups for the forthcoming year
  • Elect three members to be Secretary, Chair and Treasurer.
  • Conduct any other relevant business the meeting so decides

Everybody on the membership list will receive at least two weeks notice of the Annual General Meeting by a mailing to the addresses on the membership list and by putting up notices in the Centre. Members will also receive information on how to become active in the Friends’ activities and join any working groups.

  1. Other General Meetings   At least two other General Meetings for members and other centre users will be organised during the year. These meetings will be publicised in good time to members and users. At these meetings members of working groups will:
  • Keep members up to date with plans and decisions affecting the Centre
  • Collect the views of members and other centre users
  1. Procedure at All General Meetings   The General Meetings shall be the decision-making body of the group. All members will have a right to attend and to vote.

Decisions shall be by consensus where possible, or by a simple majority vote where necessary – except for amendments to the Constitution which require a two-thirds majority at the AGM. A quorum shall be 4 members except at the AGM where it will be 6. If there isn’t a quorum, any decisions made regarding policy must be ratified at the following meeting. General Meetings may decide to set up working groups, or to delegate any relevant tasks to individual members.

  1. The Work of the Friends   Members will be encouraged to get actively involved in the work of the Friends group. Anyone acting on behalf of the FOWL will be expected to act in an appropriate manner, and to follow the general policies agreed by the members at the General Meetings.   Working groups and officers can meet in between the general meetings in order to manage the affairs of the Friends.
  2. Finances   If relevant, a bank account will be set up in the name of the Friends of Wolves Lane. All money received in the form of donations, subscriptions or any other contributions will be put into the bank account and will be used to further the aims of the group. The signatures of two of the Treasurer, Chair and Secretary will be required on all cheques. The annual accounts shall be independently verified, and the books shall be made available for inspection on request at the AGM.
  3. Powers   The FOWL has the power to raise funds, to employ such staff as are necessary, and to enter into any transactions necessary to further its aims. It has the power to manage, licence, lease or buy property and to maintain and equip it for use. It has the power to appoint trustees, and to take out trustee liability insurance cover.
  4. Dissolution   If a General Meeting, or 10 members, wish at any time to dissolve the FOWL, they should give to all members at least 14 days notice of a Special General Meeting to discuss this. If such a decision is agreed at that meeting by a simple majority of those members present and voting, the assets will be disposed of to another voluntary organisation with compatible aims and principles, this group being agreed at the same meeting.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe FOWL Constitution was agreed at the FOWL meeting on August 20th, 2016.

Signed by

M. Hawting (Secretary)

and P. Chinn (Chair)

If not you, then who?… LAST DAY to sign Petition – Save Wolves Lane!

baskets_28MAY15Please sign the petition to save Wolves Lane Garden Centre today!

We need as many signatures as possible to prove our support.

The good news is that we have now received enough signatures to be allowed to present directly to Haringey Counsillors at a Council meeting! Thank you to all who signed. But in order to make the strongest case, we still need to show as much community support as possible.

If you haven’t already signed, please sign today. Please also ask your friends, neighbours and colleagues who live in Haringey to sign also.

Your centre is at risk and threatened by Council budget cuts. We need to act now to save this valuable resource. Once your garden centre is lost, we cannot get it back.

We, the undersigned, petition the council:

We strongly support the Activities at the Wolves Lane Garden Centre at Wolves Lane N22 5JD and oppose any attempt to close it or move its functions elsewhere.

  1. The Centre is unique – a 3.5 acre site run by the London Borough of Haringey that features a Palm House, desert garden and rainforest.
  2. These features cannot be relocated or replaced. This resource would be permanently lost.
  3. The Palm House is the only one of its kind in North London.
  4. The Centre offers excellent opportunities for:
    • training and volunteering in gardening for:
      • those with physical and/or learning difficulties,
      • work experience for local schools and
      • the unemployed
    • education: environmental education for 2,500 local school children a year & family learning in English as a second language
    • growing: plants and vegetables for the public and council’s parks and flower beds
    • services and activities: a variety for the local community

Please sign the petition to save Wolves Lane Garden Centre today!

You must live, work or study in Haringey in order to sign this petition.