What’s on at Wolves Lane


(ASIDE FROM THE Sunday Plant Sales and Café Lunches Friday/Sunday)


Wolves Lane regrets that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Centre is closed until further notice.

BUT ACTIVITIES WILL BEGIN AGAIN ONE DAY – until then, read about prior activities at What’s On and Special Days. Updates at Palm House. Celebrity Visits.

Contact volunteer@wolveslane.org to learn more about future volunteer opportunities on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons when the Centre re-opens.



Volunteer Rewards at Wolves Lane

Volunteer at Wolves Lane and earn Time Credits to spend on yourself, your family and friends!

Contact Matt, Volunteer Rewards Coordinator, at info (at) wolveslane.org to register with the programme…

…then check out timecredits.com to see where you can spend them!

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Volunteering Opportunities at Wolves Lane


Wolves Lane Palm House Visits


12 noon ~ 4pm

  • Visit the campus
  • say hello to the fish and terrapins
  • tour the Palm House

and learn what’s on at Wolves Lane!

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Wolves Lane Produce Market


12 noon ~ 4pm

  • On sale:  ORGANIC food
  • from site growers at Wolves Lane!

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Nature Crafty Kids


12 noon ~ 4pm in the Palm House

For kids aged 3 and upwards (must be accompanied by an adult). Sand play, sculpture, collage, story telling and face painting and much more….

Free (but donations are suggested so materials can be bought/supplied).

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Edible London

Every Sunday 10am-4pm

Be a Volunteer!

Come join Edible London volunteer days: get to know your community, meet new people, learn new skills and be inspired! Lunch provided to all volunteers.

Anyone with the time to commit to volunteering and an interest in learning about horticulture, cookery and community engagement is welcomed with open arms.Whether it be one day a week or an hour a month – please do not be shy!

Call Sunny 07383938153 or Ashley at 07500056602!

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Wolves Lane Flower Company

Be a Volunteer! Mondays 10:30am ~ 1:30pm

If you are interested in learning about working with and growing flowers or just like getting involved with horticulture, we welcome volunteers on Monday 10:30am ~ 1:30pm, and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays by prior arrangement.

We’re based at Wolves Lane and grow alongside chemical-free and seasonal vegetable growers.

Please contact Camila and Marianne if you’d be interested in volunteering: hello@wolveslaneflowercompany.com

All welcome!! Come and learn something new!

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Volunteers’ Community Lunch

All gardening and workshop Volunteers are treated to a delicious

HEALTHY LIVING  Volunteers’ Community Lunch

on their volunteering Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

All cooked by fabulous Chef Stu and the Cafe Team! Healthy Living Lunches include some of the produce grown right here in the greenhouses and grounds at Wolves Lane.

Are you hungry to volunteer?

Yet another great reason to volunteer at Wolves Lane!

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Black Rootz Gardening Group

A new gardening group

A new gardening group from Ubele is starting at Wolves Lane! Dates and times to be confirmed.

Contact Yvonne Field to express interest.

Come volunteer, lend a hand!

Stay tuned for more details…

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Wolves Lane Crew

Every Tuesday at 11 am ~ 4pm

Wolves Lane Crew is a group of volunteers responsible for the maintenance and small development projects at the Centre.

We are constantly looking for new volunteers with fresh ideas to join the team! The work teams are involved in varied, exciting activities, and are led by experienced experts.

Come join in, share knowledge, learn skills, natural food growing, meet new people, spend time with nature, have fun and get active!

For more information contact volunteer co-ordinator Leesa at

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Wolves Lane Workshop has now combined with Wolves Lane Crew

Every Tuesday at 11 am ~ 4pm

There is a  workshop at Wolves Lane Centre for repair, maintenance and upkeep of the buildings and equipment, in particular the Palm House.

For more information contact Leesa at volunteer@wolveslane.org

Donations of old tools gratefully received.

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Palm House Crew

Every Tuesday at 11 am ~ 4pm

Palm House Crew needs your help. The Palm House suffered significant damage this past winter. If you would like to help restore the Palm House to its original beauty for all to enjoy, please come to Wolves Lane Centre on Tuesday at 11 a.m or contact Leesa at volunteer@wolveslane.org.

All welcome!! Come and learn something new!

Do you have any canna, banana, small palms, lantana or strelizia? Donations of cuttings, seedlings and plants are also gratefully received.

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Crop Drop is at Wolves Lane

Every Wednesday 12 noon ~ 4.30pm

Come lend a handvolunteers welcome! Join us weighing and packing veg: get social, gain skills and learn more about gardening and the farm-to-table chain!

If you’d like to join Crop Drop, please contact wendy@cropdrop.co.uk

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Friends of Wolves Lane Meetings

Every third Saturday of the month

10:30am~12 noon

Friends of Wolves Lane meet  in the cafe at Wolves Lane Centre. Free tea, coffee and biscuits from 10am.

Join us for a cuppa – we look forward to seeing you there! All welcome.

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Community Markets at Wolves Lane

Community markets are held every season, in May, July, September and December, on the second Sunday of the month, with the groups who work at Wolves Lane Centre, and some local community groups too!

Next: WINTER COMMUNITY MARKET is on December 8, 2019!
  • Seeds, plants, tools
  • Organic and vegan food
  • BBQs and cakes
  • Gifts and ideas
  • Creative activities for children and adults
  • Entertainment and raffles


  • SPRING – Sunday 10th MAY

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SPECIAL EVENTS? Watch our blog and Special Days for updates! 

WEEKLY EVENTS? See our blog and this What’s On page for regular events and activities!

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Watch the Palm House Updates page and our Blog for updates.

Check out our Community Use – Make a Proposal page too.

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