Palm House Crew


Come volunteer, lend a hand

to develop the


Every Tuesday at 11 am ~ 4pm

Wolves Lane Palm House Crew needs your help!

If you would like to help develop and maintain the Palm House for all to enjoy, please come to Wolves Lane Centre on Tuesday at 11 a.m or contact Lynda or Anne at

All welcome!! Come and learn something new!


Request for plants, cuttings, seeds…

Do you have any

  • canna,
  • banana,
  • small palms,
  • lantana or
  • strelizia
  • avocado stones
  • that you could donate?

Our avocado sapling, grown by a volunteer from a pip in 2018, is now over a metre high. If anyone’s good at growing avocado stones, we’d love another!

Donations of cuttings, seedlings and plants are also gratefully received!


Teachers, parents, former student visitors – what would you like to see?

We want to make Wolves Lane again a resource for school parties to visit and study.

We’d love to hear from teachers, parents and former students who remember it from years gone by, and discuss what kinds of plants and exhibition material they would like to see.

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