What’s grows wild at Wolves Lane in summer?

Blackberries grow wild at Wolves Lane! ~~ Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Wolves Lane is closed until further notice. During this time, behind the gates, Wolves Lane growers are still growing, Wolves Lane meals for delivery are being prepared to deliver to vulnerable homes, and a new seed bank project has been launched! We hope... Continue Reading →

New Project – Rootz into Food Growing!

RiFG Rootz into Food Growing (RiFG) aims to challenge and disrupt some of the structural inequalities that exist within the current UK food growing sector through the creation of a network of BAME led growers pan-London who will receive relevant skills development and training opportunities enabling them to grow commercially.  RiFG is a collaboration project... Continue Reading →

What will grow wild in Spring at Wolves Lane?

FORGET-ME-NOT grows wild at Wolves Lane! Yes, really! ~~ Fun Facts: "Forget-me-nots flower in spring (and coming soon!) A large number of species that come under the forget-me-not category are native to New Zealand. A few European Species were introduced in the temperate regions of America, Asia, and Europe. Forget-me-not is the state flower of... Continue Reading →

Quiet garden to enjoy on Wolves Lane

St Cuthbert's in also on Wolves Lane (down the road from the Wolves Lane Centre), and welcomes the community to enjoy their garden. If you're looking for a quiet green space to re-connect and relax during the lockdown, St Cuthbert's has opened it's gates to you. There are quiet  benches to sit on and grass... Continue Reading →

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