From April 1st 2017, Haringey Council has awarded management of Wolves Lane to OrganicLea.


Some new activities have now begun at Wolves Lane –

see our What’s On page for details!


The facility is still closed to the public for regular visits, however, until further notice.

Contact OrganicLea to find out when it will open regularly again at


020 8524 4994

It is the Friends of Wolves Lane’s mission to ensure that this valuable community resource is enjoyed and accessible to the community it serves. We are working with Haringey Councillors and OrganicLea for innovative ways to ensure this. Please watch our blog for future updates. We look forward to it being open regularly to the public again soon.

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Wolves Lane Centre is set within a three and a half acre growing site.

020 8888 5306
Prior to March 31, 2017:

“It is a great place to visit with all the family and there are training and volunteering opportunities available to adults with an interest in plants and horticulture. It is an established visitor centre playing host to both schools and the public.

Wolves Lane Centre is available for hire and is suitable for both children’s parties, seminars and conferences with the option of catering.

The centre has a good variety of small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, chickens, birds, fish and terrapins and is part of an enrichment programme for younger visitors with lessons delivered to local schools around sustainability, linking into the national curriculum.

Wolves Lane Centre also houses tropical attractions such as the Palm House, Cactus House and ‘rainforest’, which are all accessible during regular opening hours.

We have the following plants in stock for sale:

  • Bedding Plants
  • Hydrangeas
  • Vegetables and Herbs
  • Hanging Baskets and Pots
  • Brocade Geraniums
  • Perennials

Tools: We stock a comprehensive range of Yeoman quality tools.

Shrubs: Bereberis, Cotoneaster, Mahonia, Lavender, Choisya and many more.

Perennials: Wide range of 2-3 litre plants always in stock and grown on site.

Associated Sundries: Peat-Free Organic Compost, Grass Seed, Ceramic and Plastic Pots, Organic Fertilizers, John Innes, Manure, Seeds, Tools, Birdcare, Canes.

As well as helping with purchases, our staff provide expert advice.”





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