Birth Flower – March

Daffodil! "Spring, rebirth, domestic happiness, respect, regard and friendship. The daffodil is synonymous with spring as it is the epitome of rebirth and new beginnings." -- wiki The daffodil (and the leek,) are symbols worn on St David's Day, March 1st. St David is the patron saint of Wales.

Birth Flower – February

Violet! "Faithfulness, wisdom and hope. Violets convey the meaning that you will always be true. Violets come in shades not only of purple, which is what people commonly think of, but also of white. " -- wiki

New Project – Rootz into Food Growing!

RiFG Rootz into Food Growing (RiFG) aims to challenge and disrupt some of the structural inequalities that exist within the current UK food growing sector through the creation of a network of BAME led growers pan-London who will receive relevant skills development and training opportunities enabling them to grow commercially.  RiFG is a collaboration project... Continue Reading →

Birth Flower – January

Carnation! "Love, fascination and distinction. Worn on Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, St. Patrick's Day (in green) and at weddings, this hardy, sweetly fragrant flower is also the flower of Ohio." -- wiki

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