Join the Wolves Lane Crew – TOMORROW Nov 12th, 11~4pm!

A wide range of NEW volunteer opportunities at Wolves Lane in 2019! ~~ Wolves Lane Crew a group of volunteers responsible for the maintenance and small development projects at the Centre. We are constantly looking for new volunteers with fresh ideas to join the team! The work teams are involved in varied, exciting activities,... Continue Reading →

Volunteering TODAY Nov 11th – with Wolves Lane Flower Company!

Volunteering with Wolves Lane Flower Company! ~~ Wolves Lane Flower Company - Organic and Sustainable WLFC is a micro urban flower farm based in north London with an organic and sustainable approach. Run by two flower obsessives, we are committed to our belief that the beauty and diversity of our product doesn't have to be... Continue Reading →


All gardening and workshop Volunteers are treated to a delicious HEALTHY LIVING Volunteers' Community Lunch on their volunteering Tuesdays and Wednesdays! Volunteering opps include: Wolves Lane Crew - Tuesdays Palm House Crew - Tuesdays Wolves Lane Workshop - Tuesdays Crop Drop Volunteers - Wednesdays (...and also Wolves Lane Flower Company - Mondays) Cooked by fabulous... Continue Reading →

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