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London Grown’s Community Use Survey


The Report Conversations all about Food and Community Space – Report, January 2018“, has now been released. It records a summary of conversations, and feedback, that came from participating groups.

The Palm House photographs included in the report appear to be from early 2017. More up to date photos can be found on the Palm House Updates page.

To understand community wishes and needs, London Grown followed different approaches. This was intended to start a dialogue to shape activities and programmes at the site and help to support and enable more extensive work in this area. The approaches were taken to complement each other.

In addition to this Report above, the following were done:

  • Social Impact assessment – by Just Space and University College London students talking with different groups – results coming soon.
  • The Online Survey opened in April and was closed in October, 2017 – results coming soon.



Palm House Update

February 2018:

Meeting with Catherine West MP and Cllr Peter Mitchell (now Cabinet Member for the Environment) and Cllr Ann Waters

Representatives of the Friends met with MP Catherine West and the Councillors. All were very positive about moving things forwards.

MP Catherine West is keen to raise Wolves Lane issues with Haringey’s new CEO. She regards the Centre as an essential ‘green lung’ in the borough.

After working with MP Catherine West, Haringey Councillors and Haringey Parks, funds have also been found to replace damaged plants in the Palm House.

A Tropical plant expert has toured the Palm House and was thought to be preparing a report. However, a London Grown representative told the Friends that she took notes during the expert’s visit rather than there being a report from that expert.

A plan to reactivate the heating service was also promised to be in progress by a Haringey Parks representative.

Watch our new Palm House Updates page for further updates.

See also the Friends’ Meetings Minutes page for more detail.



Wolves Lane Community Garden – NEW!

Interested in helping develop the new

Wolves Lane Community Garden?

The  community garden is on the right as you go into the site from the street.

Please leave a message on the website through our Contact page

for more information or to indicate interest.

Wolves Lane needs people who enjoy gardening as well as new gardeners who want to learn. We also need unwanted plants, seeds, gardening tools or just good old fashioned enthusiasm! Thanking you in advance.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Today – Plant Sale at Wolves Lane!

Squashes, Sunflowers and More For Your Garden!


is having a


Saturday May 27th

11:30am – 3:30pm

at Wolves Lane

See you there!

Wolves Lane Plant Sale on Saturday!

Squashes, Sunflowers and More For Your Garden!


is having a


Saturday May 27th

11:30am – 3:30pm

at Wolves Lane

See you there!

London Grown Sale: Wolves Lane, Sat May 27th!

Squashes, Sunflowers

and More

For Your Garden!


is having a


Saturday May 27th

11:30am – 3:30pm

at Wolves Lane

See you there!

Update from OrganicLea Consortium

Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre – formerly run by Haringey council – is under new management. The site is now being run by a consortium of community food projects, enterprises and educators:

  • OrganicLea, who are providing support from experience of running a community enterprise in food growing and training at Hawkwood Nursery, Waltham Forest
  • London Grown, an urban food growers co-operative, who are growing organic natural foods and developing education programmes at Wolves Lane and their larger site nearby at Pasteur Gardens.
  • Crop Drop, Haringey-based veg box scheme, who will use the site to expand their distribution and provide an outlet for produce grown on site
  • Dee Woods, BBC Cook of the Year and London Slow Food ambassador 2016, who runs food literacy programmes and is a volunteer cook at the Granville Community Kitchen
  • Shared Assets, a ‘think and do tank’ which is researching and promoting good models of public land management

Haringey Council have been running the site since 2009 but Government cuts to their budgets led to a reduction in funding. As a result it was agreed that a third party would be best placed to utilise the site and maintain it as a community asset. Our vision for the site is a thriving centre for food growing, healthy food skills education and a space for groups and social enterprises to run activities that benefit the community.

You’ll be able to visit again, run activities, volunteer, buy plants, fruit and vegetables and attend workshops, training and events. There will be a brief period of transition before we can make the site accessible to the community.

We want to work with groups and individuals to develop the vision for the centre so we will be inviting the local community to be part of a series of conversations in the coming months.

[Take a look at the Friends Community Use – Proposals for a list of ideas!]

Want to get involved in gardening and natural food growing? If you’re interested in gardening and food growing please contact London Grown who’ll be running volunteer sessions. You can contact us by email:

Like eating local fruit and veg? Crop Drop will be making local, organic produce available to the Wolves Lane area so if you’re interested in signing up for a weekly bag contact

If you’re interested in volunteering with Crop Drop to help with packing the veg bags, see our website for more details

Want to learn how to cook, eat better and understand more about food? If you’re interested in learning healthy food skills and sharing your cultural expertise about food. Contact Dee by email

Plant Sale at Wolves Lane on Sat May 27th!

Squashes, Sunflowers and More!

London Grown is having a


Saturday May 27th

11:30am – 3:30pm

at Wolves Lane

See you there!

Do you have a photo of Fudge the cat?


Do you have any pictures or stories about our beautiful cat Fudge?

Sadly, Fudge passed away unexpectedly on January 6th and we miss him very much.

We have added a memorial page to the site, and

would like to add any other pictures that the Wolves Lane community might have and like to share.

Please send photos or any short stories about your memories of Fudge

to wolveslanecentre (at) or

post them on


Tues 24th – pls attend Haringey Cabinet meeting with us!


Please join us to show your support for Wolves Lane

at Haringey’s Cabinet Meeting

on Tues the 24th at 6:30pm!

Haringey Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green, N22 8LE

We will be attending the Cabinet’s meeting to show our support for our wonderful Wolves Lane Garden Centre. Please join us! We will not be presenting at this meeting, but a supportive Councillor will be asking questions on our behalf.

The recommendation for primary lease holder of Wolves Lane has been made public by Haringey Council now. Friends of Wolves Lane may involved on some level – but there are no details as to what extent yet.

Haringey Cabinet meet next Tuesday the 24th at 6:30pm to make the final decision. Please come join us at Haringey Civic Centre to support Wolves Lane and to find out more at the Haringey Cabinet Meeting.

More details and the Notice of Meeting of the Cabinet can be found here.