2020 Review: Bike Repair Project, July-October ~ by Mustafa

July to October in 2020, Mustafa was Wolves Lane's dedicated bike and wheelbarrow repairer! He helped so many visitors by repairing their equipment on site in the Ubele on Wheels Project, held at Wolves Lane. He provided free bike check-ups, services and repairs. This project was funded by the London Cycle Grants. Mustafa was there... Continue Reading →

Memories: Christmas Open Day at Wolves Lane – Thurs Dec 10th, 2015!

So many great events have been held at Wolves Lane, and we look forward to many more in the future after lock down ends! Here’s a memory of an event that the Wolves Lane community has enjoyed. Who was there? What activities happened on this day? Read on below… ~~ "Come celebrate with Wolves Lane!... Continue Reading →

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